Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Home

I’ve just finished transferring this site to a new host, owned and operated solely by me (and Linode, that I’m renting the server from). Previously, I was using space generously donated by Ashelia over at, but unfortunately I couldn’t configure things to work quite how I wanted without sabotaging the other sites I was sharing the space with. So, time to strike out on my own!

In the process, I also put in the time to improve the appearance of the site, including actually putting a logo at the top. I’m quite fond of the little iron spirit. I think he needs a name, though I haven’t decided on one yet. Suggestions are welcome.

I also finally have e-mail attached to this domain. So I can be contacted at contact, admin, webmaster, mike, michael and mpowell,, and I like to be thorough. But for now, I’m mostly advertising

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